Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Journaling

I sat down one night in front of our Christmas tree and just started mixed media journaling....I drew our tree, one of my dogs underneath it and just talked about what was one my mind... what one of my Christmas wishes was. I used colored pencils for the major part of it, chalk and a Le Plume scrapbook marker. This is what I usually do when everyone goes to bed. I relax and unwind working in my journal.


  1. ~*Gorgeous*~
    Love ya Sis

  2. Liisa,
    thanks for adding me as a friend. your art is really something-- such talent. i love your studio shed/house. what a wonderful space.. have a wonderful holiday.. hugs tanya

  3. Your card is beyond gorgeous! I will be stopping by here often for inspiration. I love your art journal too, I enjoyed seeing your pages. It is fun to find a place to come find like people who enjoy doing the same things. I am new to Suzi's and I also have started an art journal to work on. I love how freeing it is!

    Nice to meet you!

    Twilight Sparklez (Leslie)