Friday, January 14, 2011

Listening to Your Inner Voice

I decided to venture out this week out of my comfort zone. I tend to be a home body, I work from home, do my art at home etc. Since I needed to go down to the City hall building to obtain a building permit for our patio cover I noticed a new Art gallery had opened up in the same building. If you are familiar with the downtown Puyallup area, it has been greatly improved with the new City Hall building, pavilion, and library over the past few years.

As I walked by the Gallery just somehow called to me. I'm glad I decided not to pass it up and went in. Lovely works of art from sculptures, jewelry, drawings, and paintings all done by local artists. GalleryThree is a co-op gallery where an artist has an opportunity to display works of art on a contract and rate. I talked with Connie who was so charismatic and helpful. She told me of classes in town that I could take. Open studio times to work on art and mingle with other artists. Something that I need to feed my soul! I think this is why the Gallery called me into visit. I always try to listen to my inner voice, it has led me to amazing opportunities and opened doors that I may not have had the chance to explore.

I attended my first art class last night with a nude model. I was so nervous to go and almost chickened out but, with my husbands support he pushed me out the door and said "have fun!" And, you know what? I did! The teacher of the studio was super friendly and had a great sense of humor. The atmosphere was laid back and relaxing. Coffee, tea and music, how wonderful, something my soul needed, connection with others who share the same passion as I!
I truly enjoyed myself.

So, what I'm trying to say is try listening to your inner voice and step out of your comfort zone. You may be pleasantly surprised where it takes you!

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  1. Hi Liisa, wonderful blog post about listening to your inner voice, you can never go wrong there. Love your art work too, it is beautiful! I live in Tacoma but grew up in Puyallup(north hill, edgewood area), it sure has changed! :)