Friday, June 24, 2011

My Completed Art Work Orginals as of June 2011

Here is one set of a completed collection I have done of my mixed media pieces.
These little "dolls" are put together in many many layers. from penciling the doll, to coloring and shading with colored pencil and then applying to birch wood. Gesso is used in between layers to protect it. layer upon layers of fibers, glitter and embellishments really make these pieces speak to you. You can see it all right there in their eyes! The gift I give to you, through my art... The pictures do not show as much detail as you would see in person. I am currently in the process of creating prints for sale., although these originals are for sale as well. Please contact me at 253-431-2919for ordering/buying information. Commissioned pieces are always welcome! * Cheers & Enjoy *

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